We All Enjoy a Little Nonsense Now and Then

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It’s what keeps us young and full of laughter, right?


We began offering birthday lawn card rentals with one single goal in mind— to help others make a spectacle of life’s special moments. 


We truly believe that the best celebrations are those spent smiling with the people we care about most, and we know that our yard sign rentals make these celebrations possible.


While we started out offering just birthday lawn cards, the demand for our unique and festive yard signs and lawn cards quickly grew and soon we realized there was an even bigger market for lawn displays than we had originally thought. All displays are unique and custom made by Birthday Lawn Card Rentals.  We will make their house or business fun with our yard signs and display rentals.  


Today, we offer birthday lawn cards in Edmonton (plus surrounding areas) for just about any life event you can think of— and we are constantly expanding our inventory.


Remember, this is NOT a hobby to us. This is our full-time business! We’re are insured and licensed, plus we are open 18 hours per day, 7 days per week, so we’re always available to make a spectacle of your special moment.


If you don’t shy away from a bit of mischief and a whole lot of laughter, our lawn card rentals are for you. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoy providing them to our valued customers! Blow Up Your Or Their Birthday Or Any Special Occasion With Us!

"What Are Some Of The Many Reasons Why Our Company Is Unique?"

1.  We are the original funny lawn card company (since 2001) that puts the humor on their yard at home or work or both in Edmonton and Area. We put the funny in funny for their birthday. Great for all ages 1 to 100!  We also do any special occasion.  Our display rentals are hilarious! 


2. We design and manufacture our own displays from start to finish.  We support local business by buying all material from local business in and around Edmonton.  No one else have the same unique and quality products that we have. 


3. Our displays are top quality and are not bought cheaply pre-made from the internet resulting in inadequate design and quality.  One of the oldest saying that is true is "you get what you pay for" having said that we strongly believe our prices are extremely fair making our rental displays and service affordable with the top quality product and service all consumers deserve.  The person or persons you are renting the display for will be wowed by the wow factor of the quality and unique designs of our manufactured display rentals.

4. With our unique product we are able to provide our rental displays all year round rain, wind, snow or shine.  Regardless of the weather condition your rental display will be set up as promised.  You never have to worry!

5. Please feel free to listen to and view the many testimonials on our website from what customers have to say.  Our testimonials are from customers not form friends. To view and listen to more testimonials please visit www.birthdaylawncardsrentals.com.

6. We have not increased our rental prices for the past 20 years.  We strongly believe that every consumer should be able to afford our quality display rentals and service therefore we have no intentions in increasing our prices. 

7.  Our office staff is always friendly, pleasant and professional and Igor to help all customers over the phone from 12 noon until 9 pm daily at (780) 440-3184.  All customers can also order 24-7 online with our unique secure online order system and save as well as receive up to 4 FREE gifts.  

8. All our drivers are uniformed full time professional drivers that operate our commercial insured vans for the protection of everyone.  We also hold commercial business liability insurance incase there is an accident on someone property for the liability protection of everyone. On top of this we are licensed to operate our business in Edmonton and area.  This is our full time business we don't do this part time as a second job or just while the pandemic is on!

9. Our drivers are fully trained to not only deliver our display rentals they also set them up with eye catching designs that really make them stand out.  Our drivers take true pride in their quality workmanship!

10. As an appreciation to all our customers when ordering online your save $25 off our rental rates plus receive up to 4 FREE gifts (of your choice) plus we are always doing valuable giveaways for our customers.  

11.  At Birthday Lawn Card Rentals we love to support charities and fundraisers.  If you have a charities or fundraiser please call Gary Hunt direct at (780) 885-3184. 

"No one gives you more than Birthday Lawn Cards and that is a fact"



Meet The Team

Gary Hunt

Gary is our founder. He first began his birthday lawn cards business in 2000 with his late eldest son Joshua who unfortunately suddenly passed away in 2006.  Gary realized there was a gap in the special events and celebrations market. Because Gary has an awesome sense of humor, and he loves to laugh and have fun he looked for a way to bring this happiness to others. His favorite part about offering funny yard signs and displays rentals to Edmonton and area residents and businesses is making people smile and laugh and helping them to feel happy, special, and appreciated on their special day. This was very important to Joshua too who also had a very fun personality Ultimately, Gary hopes to continue spreading this joy and happiness for years to come.  Gary takes pride in his team creating full custom displays from scratch buying all the materials from local businesses which not only creates a product that is unique to Birthday Lawn Cards but also supports local business.  Gary is always proud to state we are a Canadian company that uses Canadian materials from local businesses.  When ordering our display rentals and service you are also supporting local business and in advance Gary wants you to know he appreciates you our valued and loyal customers.  If at any time you have any questions or feedback about our company, please feel free to contact Gary direct at (780) 885-3184.

Holly Hunt

Holly is Gary’s better half and right-hand lady. Together they both have a passion for Birthday Lawn Cards and strive to bring the best to customers. Holly adds a feminine touch to the Birthday Lawn Card Rentals and is the organizer who keeps everything running smoothly. Holly loves how the yards cards and lawn cards make people happy. Her favorite part of her job is hearing from satisfied customers. It makes her entire day! Plus, she loves being Gary's BOSS!

Megan Parker

Megan is our Office Manager. She will likely be your first point of contact, greeting you with a warm, friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Megan puts her special touch on all postcard keepsakes by hand-drawing each one. She is quite the artist! She is also responsible for most of the day-to-day operational duties— a role that is no small undertaking! Plus, Megan has to put up with Gary's personality and not so funny Dad jokes! Yet somehow Megan always rises to the occasion. She has worked in customer service for the past ten years, and this is of utmost importance to her. 

Robert Hunt

Robert is one of our senior NINJA delivery drivers. He has been working with his dad doing Birthday Lawn Card Rentals since he was a young teenager.  Robert takes pride in our custom displays and perfecting the displays on every customer’s yard. He has an awesome sense of humor like his dad and has a fantastic personality. He enjoys making people laugh and putting a smile on their face.  Robert was the one that came up with our classic staggering set up on the yards that we still do to this day.  During his shifts It’s not unusual to see Robert going through a Tim Hortons drive through in one of our company vans ordering his classic triple, triple.  Rob, maybe it’s time to cut back on the sugar. Lol.     


Brian Clare

Brian is one of our senior NINJA delivery drivers (by senior we don't mean he's a senior citizen yet) Brian delivers and picks up your wonderful Birthday Lawn Card Rental display without you even knowing he was there. Brian brings his calm but efficient energy to the business and takes pride in perfecting your Lawn Card Display so that you or the person of your choice can wake up to an awesome, fun, and spectacular sight in your yard. This may seem easy but in actuality it takes an artistic eye to be able to perfect this.


Lilly is our pretty shop guard dog (we know she looks vicious her bow gives it away).  Lilly holds the tile of Charlies supervisor making sure Charlie completes his tasks and on time.  Lilly has an amazing personality and loves everyone to death at Birthday Lawn Card Rentals.  

Irwin Bhinder

Irwin is one of our NINJA delivery drivers. His positive and warm energy is evident in all that he does, and he strives to make every display as spectacular as possible. Irwin is always wearing a smile and according to him “it feels good knowing that when my day comes to an end, someone else’s day is starting with a surprise” Irwin is a hockey fan one of his favorite displays is the hockey puck displays. It’s not unusual to see Irwin in the shop working and listening to the hockey game on the radio (the catch is it must be Vancouver playing) “none of us are perfect” lol. 

Charlie is our super shop guard dog and loves to bark at everyone. Sometimes he will even grab the bottom of your pants and play tug-a- war. Charlie has an awesome personality and is very loyal to everyone at Birthday Lawn Card Rentals.  

Our Commitment to You

We know that whether you are seeking lawn decorations for birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, or graduations, you ultimately care about one thing— creating a memorable experience for those you care about.


This is why our greatest priority is to ensure our customers receive the absolute best service and rental experience.  No one gives you more than Birthday Lawn card rentals.


When you order our Edmonton yard signs, we guarantee you will:


  • Receive friendly and professional customer service at all times

  • Enjoy a hassle-free delivery, set-up and pick-up process

  • Be responded to in a timely manner regarding any questions or concerns


And, most importantly, you’ll enjoy a whole lot of laughter on the special day!

Proudly Canadian

All of our yard signs and displays are manufactured right here in Canada using the highest quality materials. Each display is 100% custom, made from our own designs. 


When you order our lawn cards and display signs, you can be sure you’ll receive a product that can withstand rain, snow, wind, or shine— because only Canadians know just how challenging Canadian weather can be!

Vulture Lawn Card Display

Trust Your Celebration to Edmonton’s Leading Lawn Card Rentals Company Since 2000

We have 21 years of experience creating special moments for our valued customers and we believe that success comes from our relationship-focused approach to business.


Whether you’re looking for yard signs for birthdays or for welcoming your first-born baby, we get to know you and do our absolute best to ensure your day is everything you hoped it would be.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our past customers are saying about our lawn card rentals:

“A great company that brings smiles to those around them! Just ordered a display for my Mother-In-Law's birthday as we couldn't have dinner together or have a party (due to COVID-19) and it was even better than expected!”

– Kelly O.

“I received excellent service start to finish. The office called me within hours of placing my online order to confirm all the details. The lawn was decorated during my requested timeline and looked wonderful! My Fiancé was totally surprised. I also really enjoyed the extra add ons when ordering online. I will be using Birthday Lawn Card Rentals again in the near future.” 

– Darilynn S.

“Thanks so much for the display for the university graduation of our daughter. She was surprised and delighted and it was important to do something special this year as COVID-19 has brought so many disappointments. Thanks for putting it up promptly, exactly where we asked, and for leaving it an extra day. We got many pictures and it made her feel special."

– Leah M.

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